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The Joy Lack Club Review Essays - Chinatown, San Francisco

The Joy Lack Club Review Essays - Chinatown, San Francisco The Joy Lack Club Review Blow from the South. The wind leaves no trail. Throw sand from the East to distract him. Blow, blow, blow. He cannot see. He is blind now. Make him lean away from the wind so he is easier to knock down. (p.98) What kind of thoughts go through a reader's mind when they come across a paragraph that has gibberish for its structure? How about a whole book of Chinese proverbs and bits of fragmented wisdom? The Joy Luck Club is a book that fits this description. The book has the potential of becoming another in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Made up from a collection of stories from the pasts of the main characters, the book lacks many of the qualities that are found in better known contemporary compositions. I personally thought it was the story line and the style that were two of the biggest let downs of the book. However, if there was one good thing that I could say about the book, it would be the way that it illustrates the conflicts of mother-daughter relationships. The possibi lity for a sequel does exist. After reading this book I can honestly say that I have no desire to read any more of Amy Tan's work. Since the beginning of time, English teachers have preached the importance of the plot diagram; you know that stupid mountain-looking thing that starts with the exposition and ends after the climax with a resolution, this book doesn't follow that diagram. The lack of a strong plot was the most prominent let down of the book. The stories were well written, and it was interesting to see how they fit together to compose the characteristics of the characters, but the book left me unsatisfied by having no real suspense. Throughout the entire book I never once thought, What's going to happen next? This made the book seem excruciatingly long. The depression that every one of the characters adds to the story also makes this book torturously long. Amy Tan's style of writing is also something I do not care to read. The constant changes in perspective, the broken English, and the bits of Chinese wisdom, are all things that I have no desire to experience. True, the style of a composition is where the art of writing lies, but when the style aggravates a reader something has to be said. The style of this book also added to the length. Even though I disagree with Amy Tan's style, I wouldn't change it even if I had the chance. I would never attack the medium of an author/artist's work. The way that she expressed her ideas through the book is the sign of a good artist, and by changing her style it would destroy her work. A good sequel to this book would have to focus more on the present and less on the past. Many improvements could be made to the style and plot then. Maybe it could include the next generation of daughters, and show how the desire to fit in with American culture is phasing out the traditions of the past. This would turn the tables on the daughters in the present book and place the in their mother's shoes. With the American values that the daughters have, it would be interesting to see how they would raise their children different from the way that they were raised. The Joy Luck Club is a book that I never would have read on my own free time. I cannot relate to any of the stories in the book. The lack of a strong plot left me wanting for more than what was written. Amy Tan's style, while praised by critics, was not in the least bit interesting to me. However, the stories did show the hardships that these women had to go through during a war. Of course, if I had really wanted to know that I would have gotten a much shorter answer from a history book. I will probably never recommend this book to anyone, and it would be a rare circumstance if I did.

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Traveling to Foreign Country Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Traveling to Foreign Country - Essay Example This has given me a different perspective on traveling to a new land. The anxiety that I felt upon moving to America mostly centered on my children. As an adult, I knew that small changes could be dealt with and that time tends to heal most wounds. But my anxiety for my children was immense. I did not want them to be at a disadvantage because they were new in this country. I wanted them to learn the language and social skills they would need to be successful. I needed to find work right away, so that meant finding a good day care for the children. As I approached the first day care center that would grant me an interview, my heart was pounding with nervousness. I had faced much more stressful situations in my homeland, but so much was weighing on this decision. At least that is what I thought at the time. The large brick building was a Christian church that had a day care center on the bottom level. Entering the day care center door, I could smell the strong smells of plastic and dis infectant. Janice, the director greeted me warmly. She shook me by the hand and spoke very loudly and slowly. Too loudly. I immediately felt dumb and wondered if I had made a good choice. As it turns out, Janice was a lovely person. She gave me a walking tour of the day care center, where children of all colors were engaged in play. Everything was neat, clean and child sized. The workers were playing with the children. Janice stopped talking so loudly when I made it clear through my speech that I was OK at understanding English. By the end of my visit, I no longer felt dumb. My children were enrolled in a day care center that was clean and affordable. Janice became the first friend I made in America. My anxiety concerning my children slowly began to slip away. My next task was to purchase transportation for my family. This experience left me confused and not nearly as satisfied as the day care experience. Actually, in many ways the experiences started in a similar way. I entered a b uilding full of conflicting smells. Walking into the dealership, I could smell an odd combination of roasting hotdogs, coffee, motor oil and the unmistakable smell of tires. The food odors came from a lounge area inhabited by noisy children and bored parents waiting to have their cars serviced. The other, more expected smells were from the cars in the showroom. Lawrence, the salesman greeted me and began talking very fast. He wanted to know about my family, my job, my homeland and me. He thought it was wonderful that I had just moved to America, explaining his parents had moved from Belgium when he was a small child. Finally, he started to talk about cars. I told him the amount of money I could spend but he said that was not the most important consideration. He explained that in America, cars were more than transportation. He said cars are a way of telling people about you. I honestly did not understand what he meant. He continued this way for some time, talking fast and showing me one bright, shiny car after another. I began to grow impatient. I had not come to look at cars I could not afford. I just needed to find a car that could get me to work and the kids to day care. Finally, I let Lawrence know that I was running out of time and I needed to see some cars I could afford. He began to talk about how easy the financing was and how low my payments could be each month. Every figure he suggested was more than I could afford. Lawrence grew persistent when I gathered my

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Unit 9 BD Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Unit 9 BD - Research Paper Example This can be seen in the case of rock and roll, which created the rock culture that is now part of daily life, where the people identify and relate well with the creation of a new phenomenon. The phenomenon breaks away from the monotony of conventional means; thus critical acclaim in reception (Simpsonspop, n.d). Another way in which something can become part of the cultural myth known to man is through the application of ten parts that are found to be appealing and leaving out all the rest. The appealing parts are applied in order to spice life up to the desired level of the adoptee since it assists in elimination of routine trends. This can be seen in the case of music, where the Christian church has integrated popular culture to appeal to the youth through music (Guenard, 2012). In conclusion, popular culture can become part of daily trends in life through integration and filtration through many ways. These assist in getting new aspects, unseen before, into life and culture for purposes known best to the

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Analyzing Bertrand Russell Essay Example for Free

Analyzing Bertrand Russell Essay I believe what Russell was stating was that we not only need to nourish our bodies, we also need to tend to our minds as well. We must be careful not to sink into monotony, because when we do we tend to fall back to the base instincts of operating on routine rather than using our minds. When this happens we risk starving ourselves intellectually. The whole basis of philosophy is that there is no right answer, philosophers debate and never come to any real conclusion. Basically the foundation of philosophy is the opinion of one or many, and when an answer has been validated, it shifts from opinion into fact. Once it becomes a fact, it falls into the science of facts vs falsehoods. One example would be the original thought of the sun revolving around the earth, at the time that was a Fact. After much research it became disputed and opinionated. Now, everyone knows for a fact that the Earth is revolving around the sun instead of vice-versa Is there a God? This question will remain insoluble because science cannot prove or disprove the existence of a higher power. Is there intelligent life in out there? This chance of this question being answered is relatively higher than the previous. But currently it is insoluble due to a lack of interest in that field. Is there an afterlife? This will be insoluble because it is impossible to discern due to it being impossible without experiencing it first-hand. What is the meaning of life? This question (for some reason) is on many peoples minds, but to most it will remain a mystery. When is the end? This day and age seems to be riddled with people who are doomsayers, who think they can see the apocalypse approaching. But in truth, no one knows how it will end, its all speculation. To me it sounds like Russell is attempting to explain that the journey through life tends to wear on most people, until they just shuffle from one day to the next, from â€Å"cradle to grave†. They ask no questions, have no wonderment at lifes mysteries, and are content to take things at â€Å"face value†. For those of us who look at life and question what they experience or see, it leads to discussions with others, which sometimes leads to conclusions. The apple falling on Newtons head (be it a metaphorical or a literal) led to the question of gravity and how it effects objects. Despite this question leading into a purely scientific/mathematical field, I still believe it was a philosophic question, as I am sure Newton discussed his ideas with his colleagues. This being said, I believe Aristotle said â€Å"The unexamined life is not worth living. † because to accept things that you see without question leads you down a very simplistic path with no knowledge gained, whereas a life full of questions and curiosities can open up doors, not just in an individuals life but in the lives of all mankind. It is this difference that makes a life worth living. In my opinion, Russell believed that a life boxed in by religious or political restraints on free thinkers stifles not only the individual, but humanity as a whole. The questions we pose to ourselves and others have potentially world changing effects, whether they be for good or bad. Comparing Bertrand Russell to Perictione is the common comparison of yin and yang. Bertrand seems like he wants the questions encountered through life to remain insoluble while Perictione speaks as if he wants to break down everything to its basic components and discover the truth in how they operate. The reason why I am studying philosophy is truly to cure me of my narcissism, things are very black and white to me and it is hard to see any shades of gray between the two. To me there is right and wrong, facts and fallacies, despite the fact that life and all things contained therein are rarely so simple. If I can break myself of this pattern of feeling like my opinion is superior to others then I feel like I can grow intellectually.

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Micheal Redkin and Math Basics :: essays research papers

In order to create a graph such as the one Ms. Redkin uses to calculate the depreciation of her rental house, first it must be determined which part of the information given is the dependant variable and which is the independent variable. In this case the independent variable is time (in years), and the dependent the value of the house. Next create a graph with the given data, the independent variables on the x-axis and the dependent on the y. Graph and label the given data as points (4 yrs, $64000) and (7 yrs, $52000), allow the graph to represent the house’s value from when it was new to 10 years after its purchase. Graph a line from these two points, now you may follow the line to find the approximate value of the house at certain years of depreciation. In order to find the value of the rental house after ten years, follow the line previously graphed to 10 on the x-axis. The y value you should receive should be 40,000, and if you were searching for the value of the house when it was new, the graph shows $80,000 at 0 years. Another example of how this graph may be used is in finding which year the house reaches a certain value. In order to find out which year the house’s value becomes 55,000 follow the graphed until you come upon the value of 55,000. The x value associated with the value 55,000 is 5 years, so the answer is the rental house will depreciate in value to 55,000 at 5 years. The slope of the line will be required to find many other answers to questions you may have concerning the house and its depreciation. To determine the slope of the line, use the given points of (4,64000) and (7,52000) in the equation (y2-y1)/(x2-x1), that is determine the change in y divided by the change in x which is the slope. (52000-64000)/(7-4) is the specific equation we will need for this line, the solution, -4000 is the slope of the line once simplified. One way to use the slope is to formulate an equation which will relate the value of the house to the number of years depreciated. Let V stand for the value, and t stand for the number of years it has been depreciated. To complete this equation we will also need to know the y intercept so we may use the

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Christmas tree Essay

Art is an object or piece of work that brings one pleasure. Art is also something you see or feel and you cannot even begin to describe the ways you like it or how it makes you feel. Art is something that portrays beauty and happiness. Art lets you see the world through another person’s perspective. Most art seems to tell a story about where a person has been and the things they have encountered along the way. It lets you connect with the artist and see things through their eyes. Art is a way of expressing one’s self without words. When I think of art, I think of paintings, portraits, sketches, and sculptures. I know there are many other forms of art, but my favorite form is painting. I normally respond first to the mood of the art and the idea it brings to mind. I like art that makes me feel happy. Second I would say I respond to the colors in the art. I like warm and soothing colors. I prefer scenery in art work. I like paintings of autumn, filled with warm oranges and yellows in the trees, country roads covered with fallen leaves. Those kinds of paintings make me feel warm and happy. One of my favorite autumn scenes is by Robert A Tino, a local artist in Sevierville, TN. It is called Autumn Psalm. It is a small country church setting just off of a country road lined with trees. The trees in the painting are almost bare, and the beautiful autumn leaves are scattered on the ground. This painting gives me a sense of peace and happiness. The content of art is not quite as important to me as the way it makes me feel. I love works of art that portray a place that I have been or know. It is nice to see something you are familiar with from another person’s perspective. For instance, Harrisburg Holiday, another great work of art by Robert A Tino. It is a painting of a covered bridge that I am very familiar with, but he has painted it as he saw it in 1975. It is a beautiful winter scene. He paints the roads covered with snow and an old red Chevy truck hauling a Christmas tree. The scene has two snowmen at the entrance to the covered bridge. It fills your heart with warmth and holiday spirit just to look at it. Portraits to me are art in a different sense. Some of my favorite portraits are by Martin Waugh. It is what he calls Liquid Sculpture. He uses high speed photography to capture drops of liquid as the splash into lakes and other bodies of water. To me there is just something so soothing about his work. It is amazing how a tiny drop of liquid can create such a beautiful work of art. His work impresses me, because I never really thought of liquid as art before I saw one of his photos. The formal qualities of art work are somewhat important. I like paintings that flow smoothly with very fine brush strokes. I think some of the most beautiful art work is produced with a combination of canvas and oil paints. I like portraits that capture images I normally could not see otherwise. Portraits that capture the colors you can see when light reflects on a ripple of water amaze me. I do not know a great deal about art, but art seems to be much more opinion than fact.

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A Brief on Saakshar Bharat Essay - 3251 Words

Brief on Saakshar Bharat 1. SAAKSHAR BHARAT Saakshar Bharat, the revised version of National Literacy Mission, was formally launched by Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh on 8th September, 2009, the International Literacy Day, but it came into implementation with effect from 1st October, 2009. The programme aims to further promote and strengthen Adult Education, specially of women, by extending educational options to those adults who having lost the opportunity of access to formal education and crossed the standard age for receiving such education, now feel a need for learning of any type, including, literacy, basic education (equivalency to formal education), vocational education (skill development), physical and emotional†¦show more content†¦Functional Literacy Programme Programme Objectives: Literacy Programme (LP) aims at achieving the first objective of the scheme, that is, two Impart functional literacy to non-literate adults. Functional literacy, in context of the programme, implies achieving self-reliance in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic (Numeracy) and becoming aware of the causes of one’s deprivation and moving towards amelioration of their condition through organization and participation in the process of development; Acquiring skills to improve the economic status and general well being; Creating an aware and responsible citizenry (Imbibing values of national integration, communal harmony, conservation of the environment, women’s equality, and reproductive behavior etc.). Literacy Programme Framework: The programme entails identification of non-literates through a survey, area wise mapping of their learning needs and imparting them instructor based teaching of about 300 hours spread over 3 months or beyond, depending on motivat ion of the learner and local conditions. Successful completion of the 300 hours of instructional learning would enable the learner to read and comprehend unknown text (news paper headings, road